The works of Sakubei Yamamoto
Omens, Superstitions, Taboos

The Miraculous Water of the Tengu in 1903 #2
September 1965

Meiji Sanju Rokunen Tengu no Reisui #2
[The Miraculous Water of the Tengu in 1903 #2]
38.0 x 58.8 cm Painting in Watercolors and Ink

The rumor that those who visited the miraculous spring and whose prayers to the tengu (long-nosed goblin) were answered was talked about everyday (It was the talk of the pit). According to the rumor, with the powers of the spring water, the lame or those who had been unable to walk could walk back home, the blind recovered their sight and went home without any sticks, and the speech-impaired returned home, singing popular songs. The significant power of the water moved pit workers (yamabito) from the bottom of their hearts. In any case, it was the beginning of summer when even healthy people were likely to become dull. Therefore, it goes without saying that the rumor stirred those who had some disorder to visit the spring.
Also among people living today, there are many who are superstitious or blindly believe in something. In the past, there were many who relied on various deities or buddhas without knowing what they were. I suppose it was because there were few doctors and it cost a lot of money if they consulted one.

Translation Assisted by Mr. Nathan Johndro

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