The works of Sakubei Yamamoto

Shoveler Corps (in the Showa Era: 1926-1989)
1958 - 1963

Sukoppu Butai (Showa)
[Shoveler Corps (in the Showa Era: 1926-1989)]
21.2 x 30.3 cm Ink Painting

At a coalface with the width of more than 80 meters, which was mined according to the long wall method of coal mining by as many as 100 miners, dozens of shovelers standing in a row scooped up coal into the trough of a chain conveyor together. They worked very busily as if they were on a battle field. At some pits, such shovelers worked under the orders of underground bosses who were militarily called "company commanders," "platoon leaders" and "squad leaders."
Additionally, the difficulty of the work doubled when it came near to the time to move the trough to another place because the distance from the coalface to the trough became very great. The rollers for moving the chain at the bottom of the trough rhythmically made very loud squeaking noises.

Translation Assisted by Mr. Nathan Johndro

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