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Dangerous Rock Bed Roofs (Roof Falls)
1958 - 1963

Kayarimono (Rakuban)
[Dangerous Rock Bed Roofs (Roof Falls)]
21.2 x 30.5 cm Ink Painting

(Among the kinds of dangerous rock bed roofs, thin ones are called kotens at some pits these days.) These rock beds appeared collaterally with coal beds and often fell, but they did not fall immediately after they were found. Miners could not confirm if they were about to fall or not even by hitting them with their pickaxes. However, they were so dangerous because they sometimes suddenly fell. Since supports were not used because they disturbed miners in their work, miners were often hit by falling rocks. The thickness of each rock bed was different depending on the pit, and there were also white or black ones. A series of coal and rock seams called a sanjaku-so of S Coal Pit run by Mr. A had a white rock bed about 30 or 40 centimeters thick on top.

Text at the Top Left
The rock bed above this dangerous roof rock was safe, because it did not fall easily and was made of basaltic shale.

Translation Assisted by Mr. Nathan Johndro

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