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Torture #4: Execution by Burning #3
1958 - 1963

Rinchi #4: Hiaburi #3
[Torture #4: Execution by Burning #3]
21.2 x 30.4 cm Ink Painting

Text on the Right Side
This torture threw the victim into the most terrible and cruelest hell on earth, which people living today cannot imagine. It was said that most people tortured in this way lost their lives.
Since the fire was burned about 30 cm below the head of the victim who was hung head down, he suffered intolerable pain, though he could not even endure the torture of being hung so long.

Text on the Left Side
An Example of Chochin-mage Tortures Used in Takashima Island

Though it was said that this kind of torture was rarely, if ever, used at coal pits(yama) in the Chikuho region and only at the pit in Takashima Island, someone may have secretly used it also at pits in this region.

Translation Assisted by Mr. Nathan Johndro

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