The works of Sakubei Yamamoto
Transport (outside the mine), Coal Sorting

River Barge (Kawahirata) Driver #3
February 1967

Kawahirata no Sendo-san #3
[River Barge (Kawahirata) Driver #3]
38.0 x 54.1 cm Painting in Watercolors and Ink

They say it was very hard for a barge driver to tow an unloaded river barge upstream, though the flow of the Onga River was usually slow. Every barge driver towed his barge upstream, wading in the river with bare feet at points where the river became very shallow even during the coldest season of the year. It was said that their feet on the sand of the riverbed would ache from the cold at first as if they were on briers, but that they warmed up after dozens of minutes. It was also said that towing a barge was twice as efficient as poling it.

Translation Assisted by Mr. Nathan Johndro

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